Knowledge from the news
The full picture of economy documented from the news by artificial intelligence with reasoning skills

"Kontoor is better than Meltwater" - a business consultant in a large consultancy
"Exactly spot on" - head of product in a multinational brokerage
"Kontoor works better than Google" - head of technology at a global investment bank
See the forest from the trees
Do not let the abundance of data distract
Thousands of stories about thousands of companies are published every day. Collecting the actions of all companies shows you a full picture of economy, because they together form the economy. Today almost 100% of this data is missed as there has not been a way to collect this data.

Kontoor's semantic neural network is trained to understand and collect the news content.

Imagine seeing the economy in real-time from the news.

Kontoor helps to make better predictions ahead everyone else.
Use cases for AI based analytics
and business intelligence
Unique semantic search & statistics about industries, companies and products
Kontoor reads all news stories line by line and collects the events. You will get unique statistics about anything you need to know: M&A, management changes, production, orders, shipments, sales, profit, dividend etc.

Truly unique customized alearts
Kontoor understands your industry because it knows its products and producers. Therefore it can provide you an immediate alert when time critical.
Convert all your internal documents searchable
Your organization probably produces lots of analysis or you receive research reports from third parties, e.g. banks or consultancies. The problem is, valuable data in these reports is lost since there is no way of finding it. Kontoor converts all your documents searchable in a secure silo - everything can be found with semantic search.
Learning from the market reactions about significant events
Kontoor's unique neural network is constantly learning from the market by reading the news. Each new story makes it a bit wiser as it learns from the market movements.

Ask us how Kontoor data can be used to create a AI based profitable, low risk trading strategy.
Discover the chain of events from the history of the news
Often corporate events follow over long period of time. Finding the story line for an event can be painful as it requires sorting out hundreds of news that have appeared sometime in the past. Kontoor helps you to find history effortlessly.

Make it simple
Kontoor news data helps you detect trends and events that you might have otherwise missed. Let's discuss how we could help you.
We will not share your data with anyone and no spam.
Unique natural language processing capabilities
Reasoning from the text
Kontoor has the background knowledge of an informed reader. This is required for building understanding of the text.
The future vs past events
Kontoor makes a difference between the expected and past events. You will find our what companies are saying about the expectations of sales, production, orders, dividend or anything meaningful for your analysis
Smart tagging
There is no need for publisher's generic tags since Kontoor figures out the industry from the products and creates much more accurate tags.
Semantic neural network
A deep semantic neural network that understands text used to be science fiction.
Industry knowledge
Unique database of common knowledge about companies and industries classifies the stories by industry. Customizable industries allows to follow industries without being bound by inflexible, traditional industry definitions. Ask you examples.
Robust backend
Scalable platform evaluates the news instantly and makes them available immediately for trading or analytical needs.

Kontoor story
Kontoor got started as a spin-off from the natural language processing research
at the Aalto University . Leading AI research networks has enabled Kontoor to take advantage of the latest advances in the field.

Access to powerful super-computing tools has given us a head-start in solving one of the most complex problems imaginable - teaching a computer human reasoning.
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