Documenting the economy
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Kontoor reads news line by line and collects all economic and corporate events
- all information from the news is stored
Thousands of news articles appear daily. It is possible to to keep track of all details in the news - humans can focus on couple things at the time and forget soon. Therefore the news appear confusing and almost all quantitative data is lost.

Kontoor reads business news line by line and collects economic and corporate event - documenting the economy and markets from the news. This let's you to keep qualitative information in the valuable news can be used for analytical purposes, for instance to build custom statistics about any industry and event.

Kontoor is the only platform able to make a difference between the past events and expected events. Economically, there is a huge difference between something that has already happened or is only anticipated. You are able to see what thousands of companies and experts are saying about expectations for sales, profit, production or any variable you consider interesting.
Advanced semantics helps you discover much more
Thousands of articles every day
Thousands of companies
Millions of events all stored for you
We're in alpha. Type your email stay ahead of the rest
We're in alpha. Type your email stay ahead of the rest